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About Us


We are a team that always put the customer in focus. We strive to make sure your contact with us is as easy as possible. There are many customers in Spain who experience difficulties with their electricity supplier due to language complications and misunderstandings. Our mission is to resolve these problems and make it as simple and easy as possible to get electricity service as if you were in your home country.


Our team work extremely structured and organized so that we can be as effective as possible, that work ethic allows us to achieve more every day to simplify the process for all parties in the end. Our main focus is our customers and their feeling of having chosen the right contract and feeling safe us, we believe we reach that goal by listening to our customers and make sure their needs come absolutely first!


In order to offer customers good products, expertise is required and we at Eljoi have a solid background in the electricity market. Because of that, we can develop good solutions that suit you and thus customers can feel safe with contract they agree upon and all parties can feel satisfied in the end. Long-term relationships are something we value very highly at Eljoi

Renewable Energy

We only work with electricity that comes from renewable sources and it is something that we value highly and are very proud of. So-called ‘GREEN’ electricity should not have to cost more than produced electricity from non-renewable sources. For us, it is important to be able to reduce climate footprint for us and our customers so that future generations can take over and not at the expense of our actions.

If you’re interested, we’ll contact you!

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    Eljoi consists of a close-knit team that has a solid environmental mindset that originates from Sweden. Most Scandinavians have probably noted that the concern around the environment in Spain is not as deep as in Scandinavia. To stand up and show our support to the environment in Spain, we at Eljoi only offer electricity from renewable sources so that we can hand over our planet to future generations with good conscience. Our reasoning is that just because the electricity is green, it doesn’t have to cost more. Our goal is to set the bar high with a focus on the environment and electricity so that we become role models for our competitors. Make a stand for the environment with the opportunity to make money by becoming a customer with us!

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