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Place the food correctly in the fridge

You can save around 4 percent electricity by closing quickly and many creeks small. Studies show that we place the food wrong. Dairy products that are usually most sensitive to heat are placed in the door, where it is warmest throughout the fridge. Thus, this

Check the energy label

Check the energy label when buying new appliances. The operating cost is up to 80% of the total cost over the life of an appliance. A stove with glass ceramic hob draws about 20 percent less than one with cast iron plate. An induction stove

Shower with care

The electricity cost of showering for 10 minutes is just over 6 SEK. If you shower five minutes shorter a day, you can save up to £1,100/year.

Fridge and Freezer

There is a difference between how energy-efficient appliances are. It is therefore important to review it when you need to buy new ones. The electricity cost of a new fridge is about 1.18 SEK/day and a new freezer is about 1.34 SEK/day. A new fridge

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